Keep your investment at its optimum

Solar maintenance – A vital part of owning a system

Prevention is the best cure!

If you own a grid connected system, chances are that you have already been contacted by your electricity distributor, i.e. Powercor, in relation to the maintenance of your system, also most manufacturers require you have your system serviced by an accredited solar installer every 2 years in order to maintain your warranty.

We are constantly coming across systems that are not performing to their full potential, sometimes not operating at all, and most of the time, the owner is not aware and we can usually calculate the time period of the issue and give you a dollar value of the loss.

We do come across a lot of sub-standard installations and failing products, even some products that have been recalled by the manufacturer, we can usually provide a quote at the time of the inspection or we assist in organising the repairs and/or warranty claim process.

KLP Electrical, being a solar specialist since 2009, have seen it all when it comes to product and performance issues that arise in grid connected solar.

Domestic system maintenance generally takes about an hour for a tradesman and an apprentice, and involves the following:

  • Testing of system performance, including array, inverter and dc isolator operation,
  • Test the structural integrity of the system, to make sure that nothing has come loose,
  • Check for ingress of water, to make sure that no water is entering your roof,
  • Test the electrical integrity of the inverter, all dc circuitry, isolators and your switchboard, to make sure everything is safe, and not a potential fire risk.
  • We also give the panels a quick clean while up on the roof.

At the end of our service, you will receive a detailed report, for you to keep, should you ever need to lodge a warranty claim, and/also provide to Powercor ( or other electricity distributor ) as evidence of their requirement.

We also provide you with a performance review that shows exactly what your system is producing ( vital information regarding your 25 year panel warranty ), where your energy is going, how much your system is actually saving you, and give you a recuperation date and a return on investment

KLP Electrical Pty Ltd can provide this service for most residential systems at a cost of $295 including GST.

** We currently have a SALE on Solar Maintenance, Saving you $25 ** – total cost $270 including gst.

If your neighbour would also like to have their system done at the same time, we can offer a further $20 discount to each system.